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Leucos introduces the new Adv campaign 2013

Leucos Introduces new advertising campaign by Cricket adv.
Leucos’ latest ad campaign is all about fresh perspectives; a collaboration between a world renowned lighting company that just completed a rebranding and Cricket ADV, a forward-thinking ad agency that just celebrated its 1st anniversary.


Cricket ADV came up with  “Light You Up” as the tag line for the campaign, using a language that is new to the lighting industry. It is an invitation to to put oneself in the light and stand-out with Leucos products.  A lively, provocative statement, the message is geared towards an intelligent and sophisticated audience that responds to new ideas.  Leucos believes in this campaign and in Cricket ADV's creative and strategic approach.  It is an occasion to shine the light on the Leucos brand.
The advertising campaign will run in the following newspapers: La Repubblica and Il Corriere della Sera and in the following monthly magazines: InterniADElle DecorA di Abitare and Case da Abitare.