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Leucos takes part to the project of Federlegno Arredo The heart of Italian living. Our passion is your home.

Leucos takes part to the project of Federlegno Arredo “The heart of Italian living. Our passion is your home” on  Cavour aircraft carrier. A sea tour in   the Middle East and in Africa to  promote the best of Made in Italy


LEUCOS is one of the 20 companies that on November 18 will moor on board of the Cavour aircraft carrier at Jeddah port. It’s the first stop of the naval campaign that will touch over 15 countries between Africa and the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia , Djibouti , UAE , Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar , Oman , Kenya, Madagascar , Mozambique , South Africa, Angola, Congo, Nigeria , Ghana, Senegal , Morocco , Algeria untill April 2014 .

The purpose is twofold: to deliver humanitarian aid where there is most need for it and to promote the best of Italian creativity, through a travelling exhibition having as an original frame one of the flagships of our fleet the aircraft carrier Cavour.

LEUCOS accepted with great enthusiasm the offer by Federlegno Arredo to take part to the travelling installation entitled “Il cuore dell’abitare italiano. La nostra passione è la tua casa” [The heart of Italian living. Our passion is your home]. This display of prestigious furniture, lightings and finishes Made in Italy  will build an ideal way to show Italy as a country of genuine culture of expertise, research and innovation, which entrepreneurs are constantly working to help ameliorating the lives of people through the creation of furniture, furnishings , lighting , floors and objects that are beautiful , well made, and functional .

LEUCOS will be present on board of the aircraft carrier with some iconic lamps like JJ design Centro Stile, Stacking design Rockwell Group, Deluxe design Archirivolto, Leva design Iosa Ghini, and Giukò design Work Studio Tonetto/Lazzari, selected taking into account the ability to integrate unique aesthetic and emotional values ​​.

 Conceptually, the project construction is manifested through a set of wooden "boxes"  as a sort of sets in a logical order that expresses visual - together with style and design - the breadth and diversity of offer that the Italian market can propose in the specific field of furniture , both in terms of categories ,  type of products ( furniture, lighting , accessories , wood, and other materials) .

Photographic blow-ups of images of Italian life on the background create an immersive and emotional atmosphere , and act as a liaison in a project in which the union and the sharing of companies and aims it at the same time origin , value and expression .