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Light your heart Edition 2013 Open Day 6 th June in Milan

LIGHT YOUR HEART Edition 2013 Let’s give rays of light to Città della Speranza

Ten pieces of The Great JJ by LEUCOS tailored by as many names of international design and offered to support the research on neoplasia in children

Fondazione Città della Speranza initiative n. 011/13-VE

Open Day Saturday 6th June from 10am to 8pm, Galvanotecnica Bugatti, Milan


Light your heart, the event conceived and coordinated by LEUCOS in favour of Città della Speranza, continues its way with an Open Day that will be held on June 6th at Galvanotecnica Bugatti factory in Milan’s Zona Tortona. This initiative will offer journalists and architects the opportunity to admire the whole collection of ten The Great JJ personalized by as many international designers (Arik Levy, Chris Bangle, Flavio Manzoni, Karim Rashid, Jozeph Forakis, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Patrick Jouin, Roberto Paoli, Satoshi Umeno, Valerio Cometti) and to know more about the project.

After the great success of last April exhibition in the most trendy showrooms of Milan city center during the Salone del Mobile, these unique creations will be visible between July and August 2013 at the departures area of Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Light Your Heart will conclude on September 13rd with a special event at Padova Children’s Research Institute (IRP) in the presence of the designers, who will explain the inspiring concept of their works.

On this occasion, the ten The Great JJ will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to finance the studies on stem cells derived from the amniotic fluid and the skeletal tissue. A young research team led by Professor Paolo De Coppi and Professor Michela Pozzobon is carrying out this challenge to fight against the onset and development of serious childhood diseases.

It is a charity project that LEUCOS is committed to promoting and supporting together with all the other partners of Light your heart.

Event Sheet

Title of the event:Light Your Heart

Created and promoted by:


The LEUCOS style takes shape in the sixties, the golden age of Italian design, with an absolutely original project, in which glass is taken away for the first time from the classic logics of glass art and is finally reinterpreted in a contemporary way. An act of great modernity which links design and tradition, and introduces the concept of serial quality: to multiply beauty to make it accessible to everyone.

Consistently with this spirit of innovation, the creative process gains an always greater importance and becomes the brand stylistic symbol. The duo of light and design defines the LEUCOS identity in the unlimited shapes allowed by the diversity of materials and the evolution of production techniques.

In favour of :                                                                                                                                            


The foundation Città della Speranza was established in 1994 with the twofold goal of supporting research on child tumour and building a new ward of pediatric oncology and hematology in the Azienda Ospedaliera of Padua. The name Città della Speranza draws inspiration from the American foundation City Hope, taken as a model for the transparency of its management and the efficiency in achieving good results. The common dream is to give to ill children the opportunity to live in a happy city, able to give concreteness to the word ‘future’. www.cittàdellasperanza.org



The designers: 

Arik Levy Project name “Ladybug


Ladybugs are one of the symbols of Spring : the ancients predicted good weather when they saw a ladybug flying. Ever since a long time this little insect is considered an ally and is cherished by mankind. According to a legend from the Middle Ages, ladybugs bring happiness and to this day in Italy a ladybug is a sign of good luck. I think that the strongly recognizable outline of the Great JJ floor lamp makes a perfect match with the familiar and reassuring colours and pattern of the ladybug, especially at this time of the year !


Chris Bangle Project name “Big White Unique Form of Kintsukuroi Discontinuity in Space - Lamp #1


The principle which inspired this decoration comes from the Japanese art ‘kintsukuroi’, whose meaning is to ‘repair with gold or silver’. This art consists in repairing ceramic with melted metal, sometimes with the addition of inserts, showing that a broken object can become unique and beautiful thanks to this fragmentation. I like thinking to a new concept of spring, considered not only as rebirth, but also as the repairing of something which was seen as damaged or destroyed by winter. Precisely as farmers do with trees when they graft new branches on the old trunk in hopes of seeing them blossom in spring: the ‘scars’ of the grafting will continue to be visible, but the overall result will be amazing and there will be the joy of picking up new fruits. A beloved tree will be ‘reanimated’ and people will be delighted while watching it blossom again.

The same happens in kintsukuroi, where visible cracks make the object a really precious piece.

Similarly, I am convinced that what is ‘broken’ by illnesses can be magnificently repaired by the spring of renewal and recovery.

For these reasons I decided to use this art to decorate the lamp that I fictitiously damaged – even if I wanted to break it for real, but I couldn’t! – and repaired it with new inserts and silver. These ‘repairing pieces’ represent the playful side of my career and the still ‘childish’ side of my personality on the background of one of my joyous watercolours, while butterflies recall not only spring, but also the fragility of children, which is similar to that of the broken ceramics, and the hope for recovery as well.


Flavio Manzoni Project name “Connecting the dots”


I remember - I was only a child then – her on my dad’s drawing board lighting my blank sheets and the infinite universe that could arise. Years later, when at college, I bought a second one, second hand. It was then when I discovered her name was “JJ” and that she was among the first ones with an adjustable arm.

She was my fellow for many years to come, and under its light took shape my fantasies, my visions, my dreams, both real and artistic ones. How many nights I’ve spent in its gloom, working endlessly till dawn, bathed in the cone of its warm light! My eager hand on the paper, and my mind projecting its "fierce desire for a future and its fulfillment.

Now, suddenly, here she is again, unexpected, bringing back countless spots of passion and life, inspiring me to connect the dots, to explore the mysterious and unpredictable link between those facts that, at a glance, do not connect but now start to. That kinetic link between those moments, faces, meetings, shapes, shadows and lights: now it’s them on that surface, it’s up to them to color and enliven it, de-materialize its shape. Fragments in a suspended time , squeezed  in the space of a moment, pure mental abstraction.

The leitmotiv is light in all of its forms, is love for life, is passion for those affections, unique and one-of-a-kind, for art and creation. An ode to life and love, through  through the images that possess a special aura to me .


Karim Rashid – Industrial Designer Project name “The Great KK”


My designs come from a need for energy, color, shape, and form to beautify and brighten the world. Inspired by spring, youth and joy I chose to liven the Leucos Great JJ with color. I inject some human spirit and humor because it lightens up this overtly-serious thing we call LIFE.


Jozeph Forakis Project name “Green Giant”


“I wanted to reinterpret the Great JJ as a giant pop-art flower… a “Jolly Green Giant”… radiating hope and positive energy down on anyone close enough to be embraced by his shining light”


Massimo Iosa Ghini Project name “18"


The JJ Lamp, a masterpiece of lighting design, was created by Jac Jacobsen in 1937, and for Massimo Iosa Ghini it becomes an opportunity of graphic personalisation with a precise recall to the iconography of the vintage racing world. The tribute is paid, besides to the lamp design and to the company which produces it today, directly to a runner ( guess who..) who wrote the history of races and who left a deep mark, as the JJ did in the world of design.

Clear recall elements are the lampshade and the base, which have been chromatically and graphically treated to recall images which are part of collective imagination.


Patrick Jouin Project name “BZZZZZ”


Nature. A stranger and animal-like nature, where disproportionate insects walk on an excessive lamp. It seems they grew together. The lamp becomes a beacon drawing the gaze and emanating a light which attracts man like a light in the night attracting insects.


Roberto Paoli Project name “Quando ero bambino…”-When I was a Child


When I was asked to take part in an initiative whose proceeds would be devolved to charity in favour of the foundation Città della Speranza, which deals with the treatment of children, I felt particularly captivated and I accepted with enthusiasm.

I have always paid special attention to children. If I think to my childhood, there is a predominant memory that I still have as an adult: at that time I noticed that the communication between children and adults was quite difficult and this caused a certain suffering to me.

Children express their intelligence very strongly, even if they have little experience, and they perfectly understand our words, reasoning and choices. Since then I promised to myself that as an adult I would never forget the children way of thinking and I would always try to pay attention to their feelings, considering them equal to those of adults.

Perhaps adults have lost their memory about how they were as children and they don’t know how to approach them anymore, even if they have been children as well.

‘When I was a child…’ is the slogan I chose in order not to forget, to remember the promise I made to myself when I was a child. A slogan that I want to transform into a tattoo, an indelible writing on my skin, in order not to forget that whenever I deal with a child, I must speak with him or her in a mature and equal way. In this way I will achieve good results because I endear them and we can feel in harmony, in a mechanism of sharing without fears or inhibitions.

Children use notebook pages to draw, write and communicate. They are free to express themselves on the sheet.

A squared sheet with all details on it, like the thick violet line which marks the margin within which you can write, has been laid down on the Great JJ lamp. The small squares are stretched and placed on the lamp following its curves, from the base to the lampshade.

And on the lampshade I decided to write ‘When I was a child…’.


Satoshi Umeno – Umenodesign Project name “Sakura”


The theme of spring designed the cherry blossoms in Japan. Hope that smile of children under the cherry trees.


Valerio Cometti – Valerio Cometti + V12 Design Project name “Proget Ti Amo”-Proget I love you


The design world is being increasingly influenced by a decorative approach with a resulting impoverishment of the design concept.

The role of design professionals, even toward those who are at the beginning of this wonderful profession, is to tell the charm of design, the attention to apparently minor details, the technical knowledge, which must all act as a firm support to creativity.

My personal interpretation of this tribute to the Great JJ is therefore a spontaneous, informal and – why not – ironic journey into design, a sort of storyboard on the birth of a new product.

A product design is a serial art based on competence, and this objective truth represents the basis of all our products.

Intuitions and notions meet and they involve the project, giving it shape and becoming aesthetic characterisation.


The partners:                                                                                                                                        

Dirk Bikkembergs  Via Manzoni, 47 Milano  www.bikkembergs.com

Dirk Bikkembergs is the designer and the brand that was the first to find inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of sport.

The Dirk Bikkembergs wardrobe has pieces where technology is at the service of comfort, and sartorial  luxury never prevents them from being practical.From this meeting between sport and fashion, the house created a new type of tailored sportswear: Sport Couture.

Cesare Paciotti Via Sant'Andrea, 8 Milano  www.cesare-paciotti.com

Cesare Paciotti is a luxury manufacturer of men’s, women’s and child’s shoes, jewelry, glasses and sunglasses. 4US Cesare Paciotti is the maison’s casual brand

Da Claudio Pescheria dei Milanesi Via Cusani, 1 Milano    www.pescheriadaclaudio.it

Located in the heart of Brera, the « Pescheria da Claudio » has been the fishmarket of the « milanesi » for over 50 years. It offers the best in freshness and quality when it comes to products from the sea . Should you wish to taste the fish right away, just step up the stairs and the fishmarket turns into a restaurant. Designed by architect Luca Trazzi, focused on haute cuisine, it transforms genuinity of that fresh fish into tasty and dainty dishes.

Fabiana Filippi  Via della Spiga, 42 Milano  www.fabianafilippi.com

An Italian story of success, made of creativity, passion for knitting, entrepreneurial skills and people.Values deeply rooted in a place and in a family.

Founded in 1985 in Giano dell'Umbria, near Perugia, by brothers Mario and Giacomo Filippi Coccetta, the brand Fabiana Filippi with its knitwear and clothing collections caters to a naturally elegant and unique woman. Each garment expresses love for tradition, craftsmanship, the poetry of the noblest yarns, a sense of timeless beauty. No acrylic fiber, no synthetic color. Just the pure excellence of Made in Italy.

Galvanotecnica Bugatti Via G.Bugatti, 7 Zona Tortona Milano www.galvanotecnicabugatti.it

Located in  Tortona area, a former industrial estate named « Galvanotecnica Bugatti » offers to designs and fashion addicts, around a patio sorrounded by colorful containers, elegants forgotten spaces  redesigned by architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

Lovethesign Via Mecenate, 76/85 Milano  www.lovethesign.com

Well-known e-commerce site dealing with home design, LOVEThESIGN is an open window on the eclectic world of design, considered as a perfect union of beauty and functionality: from the Made in Italy to the new international trends, from the great brands to the excellencies of craft. LOVEThESIGN has also a social spirit: five channels, from Facebook to Pinterest, from Twitter to Google+ and Instagram, to share online the design passion. www.lovethesign.com

Sanmarcouno - Horm&Orizzonti Piazza S.Marco, 1 Milano  www.sanmarcouno.it

Tailoring, Style, Wellness are the key words of Orizzonti. Founded in 1993, in the heart of the Brianza furniture district, Orizzonti manufactures bed components and bedroom accessories.

The blend of science and elegance, which seemingly have nothing in common, has a privileged meeting point at Orizzonti makes the company  the "stylish sleep" specialist..

Tie-Ups  Via Manzoni, 16 /B Milano  www.tie-ups.it

Tie-Ups is the innovative brand of Matley, the Italian company based in Treviso, which has conceived and created the revolution in the concept of fashion accessory. The innovative belt is entirely made in Italy, with a sleek and minimal design; it is customizable upon your choice with endless combinations of colors, buckle included. Tie-Ups belts are for adults and children, adaptable to any size and fashion style but above all manufactured using recyclable material. Matley continually invests in research and development to innovate Tie-Ups products, paying a lot of attention to quality.

Tie-Ups is available in the most prestigious boutiques and concept stores in Italy, Europe, USA and Far East as well as at the flagship store in Via Manzoni in Milan, located in the prestigious "fashion district", a real international showcase.www.tie-ups.com

Valextra Via Manzoni, 3 Milano  www.valextra.i  “A story of taste beyond fashion”

Specializing in leather products with distinctive shapes designed for the comfort of sophisticated and cosmopolitan travelers since 1937, Valextra, during its long history, became an internationally renowned Italian luxury brand and its name synonymous with a timeless style, challenging trends, exquisite craftsmanship.

Valextra interprets the times and develops products by means of an ancient art, responding to the needs of the moment and in continuous synergy, combining tradition and innovation, supreme quality and functionality. A proverbial quality guaranteed by the finely skilled craftsmen who are able to modernise whilst maintaining a respect for tradition.

Zilli Via del Gesù www.zilli.fr



Well-known e-commerce site dealing with home design, LOVEThESIGN is an open window on the eclectic world of design, considered as a perfect union of beauty and functionality: from the Made in Italy to the new international trends, from the great brands to the excellencies of craft. LOVEThESIGN has also a social spirit: five channels, from Facebook to Pinterest, from Twitter to Google+ and Instagram, to share online the design passion. www.lovethesign.com


Cricket, the animal? Yes, at the beginning. At least as far as the name is concerned. Pragmatic women, full of initiative, who decided to start up a business, during one of the most difficult times for our business. And they fully succeeded. So Cricket adv was founded, a communication agency in Pordenone, which has recently celebrated one year of activity. Customers acquired thanks to creative energy and strategic skills, will to work and grow – incredible but true – in the full respect of work, deadlines and costs. This is possible. A business considered an excellent interlocutor in the North-East of Italy for communication, traditional advertising and, of course, new technologies. All of them. Cricket: ‘save the name’. www.cricketadv.com


Versatile professionals when it comes to communicating. We use the most efficients technologies to support our qualified experience gained in over 50 years of activity in the field. We offer complete service from stickers to design and manufacturing of booths for trade shows, decoration of airplanes, shop signs, banners and posters to interior design of retail spaces.

Remor is the one partner for your needs of communication. www.remor.it


Specialised in photo retouching and fine tuning of files for offset and digital prints. Partner of advertising agencies and professional photographers that support with long term experience in the world of colours pictures in order to get the most out of every print. Lately has expanded to supply of rendering. www.quattrifoglio.com


25 years experience and unaffected passion for photography. Passion: that's the essence of our work that became, day after day, a milestone for clients needing to tell their products through images beyond the usual.

"The light" to whom we dedicate passionate and innovative technical solutions, "the glass" to whom we are linked by a long time relationship, given the proximity to that unique art forge of Murano, "the food" of which we spread perfumes and freshness, the "still llife" through which we help to highlight strategies and the process behind a project, are all chances we use to underline, as Henri Cartier Bresso said once, "its is just an illusione that picture are made with a camera.. They are made with eyes, soul, mind". It is with this same passion that we feel honored to contributed to this charity project. www.studiopointer.com

SAVE group:

SAVE S.p.A. was incorporated in 1987 and has been managing Venice Marco Polo Airport ever since. In recent years, the company has taken on the responsibility of a modern organization run on a managerial basis and operating in multiple sectors of transportation services. It specializes in three business areas: airport management; the management of mobility infrastructures and related services; public catering and the management of airport shops (Food and Beverages and Retail). Growth in the various business areas has helped to make SAVE S.p.A. one of the leading organizations in the international transportation services market.  The primary focus is on developing infrastructure and serving air travellers at its Venice and Treviso sites, which - combined – add up to 10.5 million passengers in 2012, making it the 3rd most frequented airport in Italy, after Rome and Milan.

The dual management of both airports allows reciprocal development and a synergistic service of the area. Marco Polo is also the third major intercontinental hub with non-stop connections to destinations including New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dubai, Doha, Montreal and Toronto. SAVE owns 27.65% of the Belgian airport Charleroi and is the only Italian airport management company with a stake abroad. With a goal to develop and expand its transportation service management offerings, the SAVE S.p.A. Group (through Archimede 1 S.p.A., in which it has a 60% holding) has acquired 40% of Centostazioni S.p.A., the company that handles the integrated management of the 103 medium- sized Italian railway stations. (www.centostazioni.it).

SAVE manages, through a controlling agency AIREST, 217 sales points in 11 countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Cech republic, UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, UAE, China, Singapore) .In 2012 the SAVE Group employed 2,945 people and its overall turnover was 352.5 million euro. www.veniceairport.it

HRS:– the hotel portal

HRS operates a worldwide portal for private and business travellers with more than 250,000 hotels in all categories across 180 countries and an average of twelve million visits per month. The company has a large selection of hotels across the globe with tens of thousands of individual hotels and hundreds of hotel chains. The free reservation service offers online hotel bookings and a price guarantee with money back promise. Standard bookings can be cancelled free of charge until 6 pm on the day of arrival. The process of selecting a hotel is simplified thanks to detailed hotel descriptions, informative hotel videos and approximately three million guest evaluations. In addition to millions of individual customers, more than 35,000 companies book their rooms for business travel, conferences and group travel regularly through HRS and benefit from special HRS corporate discounts with savings of up to 30 per cent compared to the current daily rates. As a leader in innovation, the company is also setting new standards in the industry in the area of mobile bookings. HRS provides applications for all major smartphones and tablet PCs, enabling customers to book the right hotel room even when on the go. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in Cologne, with offices in London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Warsaw, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. HRS is the sole owner of the Alpine portal www.tiscover.com with headquarters in Innsbruck, and the majority shareholder of hotel.de AG with headquarters in Nuremberg. www.hrs.com

Tenuta Luisa: is located in Mariano del Friuli (GO) and is run by a wonderful family of Friulani winemakers.

Born in 1927 thanks to Francesco Luisa, it’s one of the most ancient wineries in Friuli. Today Eddi Luisa runs the business with the sons Davide and Michele. Two generations united by a unique philosophy: thee wine, before being a drink, is a drop of a dream. Everybody can feel a dream in Luisa wines. A dream made up of the loyalty to the terroir, the elegance of the wines, the care in all the production phases and most of all Michele’s love and commitment for his work. All Luisa wines are produced by grapes coming from their vineyards , 120 hectars of land of which 85 dedicated to the vineyards. They are convinced that the good wines start in the vineyard. High density of plants, careful prunings, natural treatments allow to obtain only 1,2Kg of grape per plant that means a very concentrated wine, rich in sugar, long-lasting all over the years.

Ribolla gialla, verduzzo friulano, friulano and refosco dal peduncolo rosso are the regional wines produced by the Luisas. Moreover the winery produces also the most internationl varieties. 4 lines to satisfy every consumer’s exigence: E.MOTION, LUISA, BRUT MILLESIMEE’, I FERRETTI, Desiderium I Ferretti. www.tenutaluisa.com

RED LIGHTING :is a young and dynamic company specialised in development and production of professional lighting fixtures for the entertainment universe. Oriented to research and experimentation, careful to new trends and able to interpret every design input with native creativity, RED Lighting unites instinct and skill sets, distinguishing itself by the original approach to the market and a full control of its dynamics.  www.redlighting.com