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Massimo Iosa Ghini and Leucos, style union

From April 8 to May 1, 2013, at the Milan Triennale, the solo exhibition of one of the most famous architects and designers.

Among his best works on display, three amazing light objects designed for LEUCOS.

LEUCOS and design: a natural alliance that renews itself overtime, certified by appointments and events like the exhibition scheduled from April 8 to May 1, 2013 and devoted to one of the most eclectic personalities in international architecture and design.

A name in LEUCOS world, Massimo Iosa Ghini is the father of minimal and elegant lighting fixtures. Each of them clearly reveals the scrupulous drawing practice that characterizes the whole first part of his career, contributing to make him a leader in his field.

Some of these lamps play the role of protagonists in the final section of the Milan exhibition, that moves from the creative beginnings of Iosa Ghini – ranging from comics to fashion, art and design – and develops celebrating his personal style, so visible even in his first design object: the Numero Uno armchair designed for Moroso.

The exhibition continues with works that investigate the international relevance of the architect, his collaboration with prestigious foreign companies and Italian excellence brands such as Ferrari, Alitalia, Maserati and many others.

The last section of the show is dedicated to recent years and conceived as an explicit tribute to the Sostenibile ma bello [Sustainable but handsome] theme that the Italian industry interprets so well. ARIA, LEVA and SPORE find their ideal setting just in this section: these three lamps designed for LEUCOS by Iosa Ghini seem very different from each other but they have in common the lightness as inspiration and the aesthetic and functional research as a stylistic language.

It’s no accident two LEVA table lamps, awarded in 2012 with a Good Design Award and a IAI Award, are on display: one in its whole, the other divided (we could say “stripped”) so as to show its ingenious mechanism and the wooden structure, ancient and extremely modern, simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Another fixture, another Good Design Award won by SPORE in 2009. Today, five of these suspensions – five examples of ethereal beauty – shine at the Milan Triennale. A thin glass irregular bubble holds 8 latest generation LEDs and a cluster of etched and transparent small plaques that evenly diffuse their punctual light beam.

Last but not least, ARIA. Iosa Ghini multiplies by ten this suspended presence, but ARIA keeps immaterial and seemingly without the light source that, when the lamp is turned on, reveals its shape with a seducing play of reflections. What proves the continuous attention of LEUCOS to innovation and most advanced technologies is the use of LED, once again, hidden in the white metal cap that holds the glass luminous globe as the stem of an upturned flower.

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