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The Italian design brand lights up in red and white the summer of FIAT Open Lounge in Milan

The Great JJ, Shaker, Ayers on display at the Hotel Executive Open Garden from June to September 2013.

The new cult spot in Milan’s nightlife is called FIAT Open Lounge and it is a fresh version “beneath the stars” of the refined cocktail bar created in the court of the Hotel Executive (via Tocqueville).

Red & white is the leitmotiv of this contemporary style new urban garden that LEUCOS makes even more brilliant with its design luminous creations. Three astonishing floor lamps by the Italian lighting brand enhance the atmosphere and confort of the guests, diffusing a soft and warm light that invites to relaxation. The Great JJ, Shaker, Ayers blend as red, white and steel color brush-strokes with the large white armchairs of the place and the curtains white too that frame the six meters-long scenographic counter. Absolutely surprising is the white note of The Great JJ, the biggest floor version of the the progenitor of all table lamps with adjustable arm. LEUCOS created The Great JJ in compliance with the original model of 1937 by Jac Jacobsen, making it a new style icon loved so much by architects and designers due to its clean lines and rigorous aesthetic, its unmistakable personality. FIAT Open Lounge is the best of all possible sets for Shaker, a funny combination of ruby-red glass pebbles in an extra-pure glass cylinder. Fresh as a summer breeze, lively and informal as the air in the club, sonorous as the music that lights up the nights in Milan, Shaker interprets the strange idea of LEUCOS to invent a new cocktail made of glass and light. Ayers, at the end, evokes the Australian domed rocks group known worldwide for its deep red color. The name of a monolith for an airy creation by Marco Piva in blown glass that dresses the light in color diffusing a touch of innocent malice in the environment.

see the lamp The Great JJ

see the lamp Shaker

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