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    Known for excellence the world over, Leucos now has more product depth than ever. Lights from the five FDV brands have been added to Leucos’ original collection. These products are organized into three new pioneering collections: IDEA, STUDIO, MODO.

  • IDEA


    Most closely representing the timeless and pure design of the Leucos brand and its Venetian roots in the Sixties, IDEA lights are composed primarily of Murano glass.



    Made up of lights that go beyond glass, these are composed of a wide range of materials and are architectural in style.

  • MODO


    This line of custom, modular lights offers the perfect solution for stunning and distinctive installations. It includes pieces that capture the drama of classic Murano creations.



    It is our strong ties to world-renowned architects and designers, which helps to fortify our brand. Collaborating with these talented individuals on countless products and projects inspires us and has lead us to engage in new types of research, which pushes the boundaries of design. We nurture our relationships with our collaborators so that we can grow together and share a common, forward-thinking vision that is inspired by culture and life. It is no wonder that many of the luminaries we partner with work with us on more than one product or project.


    Anconetani Stefano; Archirivolto, Arter & Citton;  Artuso Massimiliano; Baratelli Carla; Cambi, Scatena, Turini;  Caprioglio Filippo; Chilo’ Diego; Chinellato Mattia; Codato Lino; Cometti Valerio e V12 Design; Crepax Paolo; Crepax & Zanon; Crosera Alessandro; Daemmer Burkhard; DAA ; Decoma Design; De Lucchi Paolo; De Lucchi Paolo con Paganini Giorgia; De Rossi Danilo; Ferrara Carmen; Flusso Design; Franzin Paolo; Gambato Renato; Giovanetti Riccardo; Giuliano Manuel; Haulembeek Steven;   Indovino Orietta; Iosa Ghini Massimo;  Jouin Patrick;  Jukanovic Admir; Koz Defne; Lazzari Andrea; Lazzarini Diego; Levy Arik; Lo Vincent; Lunetta Pietro; Mariscal Javier; Marzollo Mauro; Mirone Gabriele; Mitchell Alan;  Mosconi Marzia; Nason Carlo; Pamio Roberto; Paoli Roberto; Pensi Jorge; Pistolato Elena; Piva Allessandro; Piva Marco; Rockwell Group; Sandell Thomas; Sbrogio’ Michele; Studio Alteam; Studio Dreimann; Studio Sandro Santantonio Design; Suppanen Ilkka; Tavazzani - Kassem; Thun Matteo;  Tonetto Massimo; Toscano Marina; Toso Giusto; Toso e Massari; Toso Renato, Noti Massari & Associates; Toso Renato, Noti Massari & Associates with Toso G.; Toso Rosanna; Valerio Cometti e Paolo Balzanelli; Works Studio; Zin Gianluca & DDS.


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    Our attractive, functional designs have been specified in projects the world over. Our presence in top-notch hotels, exquisite residences, restaurants, boutiques and more has cemented our international reputation as a key player in the industry. As the U.S. based subsidiary, we deftly serve the North American and Caribbean markets. We are able to quickly deliver our Italian made products from our NYC area warehouse and can work with professionals through their specification process, from beginning to end. With a strong background in creativity, deep-rooted Italian craftsmanship/tradition and understanding of the importance of functionality, we are able to satisfy the needs of our customers with absolute competence.


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